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We invite you to visit our business segment “Organisational Survey” (OS), which is characterised by innovative concepts, instruments, and methods. These are based on the guiding principle of optimising the role of OS in the internal value added as best as possible. To achieve this, we are the right partner for you!

We were among the first on the market, when, in 1989, we started effectively supporting companies in all phases of a professional organisational survey. In addition, our research group continuously aims to adopt new developments and, based on demands, integrates them into our work in this field.


Useful Information

Organisational Survey

Here you find everything worth knowing about the topic of organisational surveys (OS): Challenges, performance/products, best practice and references.

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Guideline Organisational Survey

We have compiled our experience and knowledge in our clear handbook. It will tell you everything about the organisational survey (OS).

For more informations or to order the handbool in pdf please contact us

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Our Performance

Support in all OS Phases

We support you in all or your chosen phases of the organisational survey: Planning, Execution, Evaluation, Implementation.

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Our Products

Optimisation of Your OS

We have been operating on the market since 1989. We were among the first to significantly shape the development of OS. Our products are the perfect addition to the optimisation of your organisational survey.

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Our References

Reference Projects

To get a general idea, please browse our reference projects from the field of organisational surveys.

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ISPA Library

Our Publications

Over the span of our long-time research and consulting activities in the field of organisational surveys, we have created a large number of publications.

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