Planning Organizational Surveys

Planning Organizational Survey

Fig.: Consulting Support for OS-Planning

Tips for improving OS-Planning

Requirements: In order to convince decision-makers in the company that it is worthwhile to invest time and money in OS, a precise description of the intended project is needed at the very beginning. This must include well-founded arguments in favour of the OS since OS are a very contended product and will compete with many other important projects for funding.

ISPA Support: Assistance to the responsible OS management of the company right from the start of the application process for the project.

Requirements: A well-balanced questionnaire is essential to the quality of the data the OS is supposed to raise. It must include one or several selected topics as well as easy to understand items and scales for measurement. Professional quality standards such as objectivity, reliability, and validity should be met. In addition, a high degree of acceptance among the target groups of the OS is to be reached.

ISPA Support: Client companies can choose between three alternatives in order to design a proper questionnaire:

1.  If the company prefers a “home-made” questionnaire, ISPA consult offers the so-called “OS Repair Station” for quality control and improvement of the original questionnaire, if required.

2.  We also offer a large variety of proven and tested questionnaires for immediate application with or without company–specific modifications. This includes both multi-topic and single-topic questionnaires, either in a print or online format, in German, English, and many other languages.

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3.  If the company desires a completely new tailor-made questionnaire, ISPA consult is well-prepared to meet this demand. We organize a special OS-Design Studio, whose experts will cooperate very closely with the project team of the client company on search of optimal solutions.

Requirements: The whole OS process of a company should follow a definitively agreed upon master plan that states the main steps and the time schedule to perform them.

ISPA Support: Due to our long-term experiences in the OS business, ISPA consult can help to create and optimize company-specific master plans by calculating realistic time budgets for each step of the process. If, however, the final date of the OS has already been determined, retrograde calculation of time will identify the latest possible beginning of the project and the maximum possible time for each step.

Requirements: Guaranteed anonymity according to the Federal Data Protection Law (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz) is an absolute prerequisite for an appropriate participation of staff members in OS as far as Germany is concerned. Special concern is given to the anonymity of online OS.

ISPA Support: Guaranteed anonymity is the subject of a detailed document that describes all measures taken by ISPA consult to protect the anonymity of data raised in print or online OS. This document is an integral part of each agreement with a client company. In addition, an external data protection specialist is hired in order to control all ISPA activities related to guaranteeing anonymity.