Upon request by our clients, we have summarised our long-time experience in the field of organisational surveys. The result is a guideline, which may serve the companies and administrations as an instruction for the internal project management on how to conduct an organisational survey with ISPA consult.

The guideline describes the four successive main phases of the OS from planning to implementation as a wheel (the so-called “OS Wheel” by ISPA consult).

Fig.: ISPA’s OS Wheel

Every phase of the OS process can be ordered individually or as part of the complete four-phase package.

Volume: 44 pages in total

Structure: Chapter 1 – Planning OS

                  Chapter 2 – Conducting OS

                  Chapter 3 – Analysing and Evaluating OS

                  Chapter 4 – Transforming OS into Action (Implementation)

The individual chapters contain specific forms and check lists for the interested reader.

A German version of the Guideline OS is offered for downloading by ISPA clients, while an English version is still work in progress.

For more information on the Guideline OS of ISPA consult please contact us

If additional information on OS management is needed, please refer to our library.