In a Nutshell

ISPA consult is a family business, which is managed by its owner under the legal form of a limited liability company with its registered seat in Stuttgart. We specialise in HR consulting as defined by the BDU (Bundesverband Deutscher Unternehmensberater – Federation of German Business Consultants).

Spin-off Foundation 1989

In 1989, Prof. Dr. Karl-Friedrich Ackermann founded ISPA consult as a spin-off of the Chair of Business Studies and Personnel Management at the University of Stuttgart. To this day, ISPA consult values the ideal of research-based HR consulting and cooperates with universities and colleges. Closely linked to consulting practices, we also conduct our own original research.


Being acknowledged as the go-to contact regarding all questions of personnel management.


Offering full service in order to support HR managers and shape their profile for their desired role as business partners of the executive management.

Foundation Segments Grow Segements Expansion Segments  (ISPA talent Munich)

I. SPM / BSC Personnel

II. Working Time Consulting

III. Organisational Surveys

IV. Transformation / Change Management / Reorganisation

V. Performance / Assessment / Remuneration / Developement consulting

VI. Internal Communication

VII. Special Projects

VIII. Manager Training

IX. Talent Management

X. Moderation / Coaching

Focus on first-class quality according to the requirements of the customers at fair and competitive prices. The volume and intensity of our consulting activities in the OS business are very flexible and vary from order to order. They are frequently determined by specific Service Level Agreements.

  • We are certified annually by the DEKRA Certification GmbH in compliance with DIN ISO 9001:2008 (most recently in January 2016).
  • The strategic importance of our quality management is stressed by the appointment of an internal quality manager, who is also the contact person for the certification procedures.
  • Assurance of anonymity and data protection are part of the quality management. Both are monitored by an external data protection officer.

Our compliance regulations have been compiled in a separate document and are available to every client company.

  • Private and public companies  from all industries and services
  • either very large or large with some thousand staff members or SMCs
  • located in Germany only or also in EU and non-EU states

Until now, roughly 800 print, online, and hybrid OS have been conducted, including 360 degree feedbacks and other very special OS (e.g. internal client surveys).

ISPA consult is a certified member of the Bundesverband Deutscher Unternehmensberater (Federation of German Business Consultants).

Named “K.O.L.I.B.R.I”, the German word for “hummingbird”, the acronym stands for seven characteristics of ISPA’s philosophy and culture.

Der Kolibiri als Symbol für die Beratungsphilosophie von ISPA.



Kundenbindung (customer loyalty) through interactive relations with ISPA consult as a service provider in all phases of the survey process



Offenheit (openness) towards new ideas, concepts, methods, and tools in the field of OS and beyond



Lernende Organisation (learning organisation) as the guiding principle for self-management and consulting other companies



Individualität (individuality) in service design and service engineering according to the special requirements of each client



Bedarfsorientierung (demand orientation) of all our consulting activities regarding content, volume, and intensity always in line with the needs and requests of the customer




Reliabilität (reliability) in terms of meeting deadlines, quality assurance, and project-related budgets




IT-Unterstützung (IT support) highly specialized in order to promote the efficiency of OS